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3-Phase Video Sales Funnel?

By September 22, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Sales funnel

What if we started using video at every phase of the sales funnel? Would it work? I believe it would work effectively. In the future, even more effectively than images in the consideration and conversion phases – if executed properly.

Historically the “best” way to execute a sales funnel via social media ads has been: Video Awareness –> Carousel/Canvas (image/video) Consideration –> Single Image Conversion. Maybe we need to re-think the consideration, conversion, and loyalty phases of the buyers’ journey through the eyes of 100% video! Video can be formatted to work in a canvas or carousel. Video can be utilized in the same aspect ratios as images. The only thing holding us back is ourselves!

The future of the social media sales funnel may just lie in a 100% video journey.

David Walkotten

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