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Can You Really Measure Your Marketing Success?

By August 7, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Measure Marketing

Have you ever wondered what your TV or billboard advertisements were actually doing to contribute to your bottom line?  How about your print or radio ads?  Do you find it difficult to calculate a firm ROI of your advertising efforts?  These are just a few of the questions I have encountered from businesses in the past.  Many people I have spoken with have brushed these questions aside and just accepted that it is not possible to measure the true effects of their advertising efforts.  Before you give up trying to track the effects of your marketing, let me introduce (or reintroduce) you to the capabilities of Social Media Advertising that provides measurable marketing.

Now before you click to leave this page hear me out.  I am not talking about banner ads or pop-up ads that “randomly” follow you around the internet.  I am talking specifically about Social Media Advertising.  Have you ever wondered how Facebook actually makes money? Facebook has been gathering data from users across the platform since its founding in the early 2000s.  As they gather more and more data they now have a better understanding of who each user is.   They also know what you are interested in and how likely you are to interact and engage with posts from your friends.   Facebook makes money by selling advertising space to businesses and agencies who tap into the large database that they have gathered over the years.  Sound a little creepy?  Personally, it is! However, if you can see the business implications this allows, it is revolutionary!

Social Media Advertising is 100% measurable.  This allows you to always have access to the true effects of how your advertising is performing.  Are people engaging with it, or not?  What is the return I am seeing from my Ad Spend?  Those questions and others like it will be answered through the capabilities that advertising through social media allows.


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