Case Study

Kawasaki Engines designs and builds (with the help of their sister company Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing) top-of-the-line commercial and residential lawn mower engines – from walk-behinds to zero-turns and other turf and construction equipment. Their nationwide network of Kawasaki Authorized Dealers are on-hand to provide expert information, engine service, and sales of Kawasaki powdered equipment and genuine parts. 

Kawasaki engines began working with Venture Creations in 2011, an era of extensive organic reach. The initial goals following platform setup were page growth to a reputable size, content creation, and engagement management. In recent years, focus has shifted toward measuring dealer market awareness and sales lift through social media advertising while continuing to emphasize content creation, management, and engagement.

The following is data from May 2015 through September 2017 and centers around the following three advertising campaigns: Page Growth, Website Traffic, and Video Views. The primary campaign goals are maximizing awareness of Kawasaki Engines to industry professionals and spurring people to visit a local authorized dealer.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Venture Creations! We have been with them for over 5 years. It has been a great partnership!”

Tiffany YoungMarketing Manager, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

Page Growth Campaign:

Venture Creations established Kawasaki Engines’ initial social media presence over six years ago. Since launch, Venture Creations has executed and optimized Page Growth campaigns to grow the social following of Kawasaki Engines with current and prospective customers. The campaign targeting has been executed largely through lookalike audiences of people who share the same interest as those who purchase Kawasaki Engines.
In just six years, the Kawasaki Engines Facebook Page has grown from 0 to over 100,000 fans. While Page Growth campaigns are no longer the center of our focus, it was important to establish a following that allowed Kawasaki to interact with their prospective customers via engaging content.
New Likes

Website Traffic Campaign:

In June of 2016, a website traffic campaign was launched to direct prospective customers to Kawasaki Engines’ consumer website for information about new engines, parts, and support. Kawasaki Engines measured product sales lift at select authorized dealerships in the geographically targeted regions. Venture Creations was able to build retargeting audiences from engagement with the ads and key website pages visited. This campaign ran from June 2016 through September 2017.
This ad campaign’s click-through rate of 1.11% is 11 times more effective than digital banner advertising.
Link Clicks to Website
Impressions Delivered

Video Views Campaign:

Venture Creations ran a variety of different video initiatives over a six-month campaign to drive consumer awareness and product education. Social media video ads generated high engagement with users because of the nature of the platform and effective targeting. It was important to produce captivating video segments to keep viewer attention for the duration of the advertisement.
Impressions Delivered
Video Views

Kawasaki Engines' Social Ad Campaign:

Added 82,000 Facebook Page Likes.
Delivered 7.76 million ad impressions.
Drove 20,000 people to Kawasaki’s website.
Fielded over 2,500 Comments that opened up a direct line of communication to answer questions from existing and potential customers. 
Broadened consumer awareness as 2,266  people shared the ads with friends and family. 
Generated a Click Through Rate over 2% which is 20x more effective than digital banner advertising. 
A prospective client reached out to Kawasaki Engines’ Marketing Manager for her experience with Venture Creations. Below is a copy of the email correspondence:

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Venture! We have been with them for over 5 1/2 years...time flies! and it's been a great partnership.
We were actually in the same position as you when we first launched our Facebook page with Venture and definitely there was some apprehension on the part of management that this could be a can of worms. But the team at Venture has handled it all easily and always in a timely fashion. As you know, things change at the speed of light on social media and you need a partner who is constantly vigilant to make sure your customer's concerns, questions and complaints (yes, some not very politely worded) are addressed quickly.
David is always up to date with the rules and regulations on Facebook and has the skill set to utilize the advertising and marketing capabilities to their fullest extent. It has been amazing the kind of reach we've been able to get utilizing this media. It's really cool!
In addition, we utilize Venture for videos and photography services and like everything else they do for us, it's first class!”

Tiffany YoungMarketing Manager, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.