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Cut Down on Wasted Advertising

By September 29, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Wasted Advertising Money

The pioneer of marketing, John Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  Even though Wanamaker said this quote over 100 years ago, there still is a large amount of truth that still resonates with marketers today.  While it may not ever be completely possible to cut out wasted advertising on every marketing platform, it is important to know the capabilities that some forms of marketing allow.

Social Media Advertising allows you to know exactly to the penny what your advertising dollars are accomplishing.  Whether you are measuring video views, link clicks to your website, or the most important thing at the end of the day, SALES!  Are you currently measuring your advertising to connect directly to sales? Do you currently work with a transparent agency? Do you have video content that is engaging and causes people to want to learn more about your product or service?

At Venture Creations, you will know at all times where each dollar of your budget is going.  We have the answers to the questions listed above.  We have been running successful Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for years and look forward to new opportunities.  Stop guessing and hoping your advertising is accomplishing something and start seeing true results that you can measure.


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