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Dark Social – Why You Have so Many “Direct” Visitors to Your Website

By July 28, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Dark Social Facebook

Ever wonder how so many people visit your website “Direct” – as reported by Google Analytics? Logically you cannot imagine that hundreds or thousands type your entire website URL into their browser every month. Guess what…. you are right! Much of your “Direct” source traffic is likely a result of “Dark Social” – a term for social media traffic that comes from shared links in messaging apps. In practice this looks like the following. 1. Spouse sees vacation activity and grabs the direct URL. 2. Spouse sends to husband/wife to check out via text message or messaging app. 3. Ultimately spouse/husband/wife ends up purchasing/booking activity via the direct link. 4. Google Analytics records a “Direct” traffic source for the transaction.
Voila, your mystery has been solved. Check out the article for more!

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