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Facebook Continues to Propel Smart Advertising through Custom Audiences

By February 10, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Custom Audiences Facebook

Sales is the main driver for advertising & will continue to be the motivator behind the advertising mediums businesses utilize for generating sales. If you look at the traditional sales funnel and back it up a couple positions to what drives the sales and you are at awareness, engagement, lead nurturing and clicks. There is no better platform to drive all 4 of these pre-sales functions than Facebook advertising in my opinion.

New advertiser features such as Custom Audiences that can be created from engagement on different levels with a businesses’ page, take a lead from awareness right up to the purchase decision phase. Start with awareness – Facebook offers specific targeting to reach a potential customer & potential customer only. Then at the engagement level, utilize Facebook Custom Audiences to run ads to only the people who engaged with your content, your page, your ads, or even specific videos! Next, nurture leads with running different types of content to people who either engaged with a businesses’ page or who hit specific pages on a website. Finally, re-engage at any point in the funnel via remarketing to a custom audience by driving them to the purchase point.

Keep an eye out for even more segmented custom audiences in the future that may allow businesses to target leads who engaged with specific posts – beyond the individual video engagement tracking that is already available.

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