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Facebook – Delivering Value to Shareholders and Users

By March 10, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Facebook Stock Chart

In my limited amount of free time, with 2 young boys in the house, I enjoy following stock prices of specific companies & industries. Over the years I have dabbled in stock investing, which I no longer do. One stock that has continued to grow steadily and deliver value over the last 4 years is Facebook (ticker: FB). If you compare FB with TWTR (Twitter), you will see the sharp contrast of shareholder gains vs. shareholder losses. This speaks volumes to Facebook’s long-term strategy and performance.

As an advertiser that is heavily vested in Facebook’s success as a platform, it is good to see continued share price growth. This points to an increasing user base, an engaged user base, advertisers that find value in the medium, and a company that continues to innovate and grow.


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