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Facebook Stories!

By March 31, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Facebook Stories

Most of the US population is probably aware that Facebook made another large change in their App within the past week. At the top of the newsfeed sits the newly released Facebook Stories. Take a photo or video and it stays within your Story for 24 hours… sound familiar? That’s because it is a (near genetic) copy of SnapChat’s Stories. Feel free to add filters, overlays, text, and more. To get started, just tap “Your Story” at the top of your Facebook App, or hit the little camera icon to the left of the search box!

As an advertiser, we will be keeping an eye out for ad placement opportunity within Facebook Stories as users adopt this SnapChat-esque way of sharing photo/video content. Venture Creations is always researching and exploring the best avenues for our clients and prospective clients to advertise on social media!

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