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Happy Birthday, Texting!

By December 5, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
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Monday, December 3rd was the 25th anniversary of the first text message. It’s hard to believe texting is that old. My first cell phone, purchased in 2003, had the ability to text, but none of my friends had texting. Soon after that, texting took off, and I remember being scolded by my parents for going drastically over my allotment of texts. By 2007, I had a phone with a qwerty keyboard, unlimited texting, and my introvert heart was so happy that I could avoid most phone calls.

Technology is always evolving, and just because some things stick around doesn’t mean everything does. (Myspace, anyone?) I like to consider myself an “early adopter” of technology, primarily software. One of the nice things about being an early adopter is that you get a chance to learn the system before it really takes off, and often times you are one of the first to get new “beta” features as they are added.

I like to think of Venture Creations as “early adopters” of social media advertising. We’ve been there since the beginning and we enjoy playing around with new features, sometimes just for fun! You wouldn’t want to walk into Best Buy and purchase a brand new laptop running Window XP, so why trust your social media advertising campaign to someone who isn’t up to date with the latest and greatest options?


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