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How Social Media Advertising Levels the Playing Field

By July 7, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Level Playing Field

Social Media Advertising allows local businesses to be able to compete with much larger companies.  Advertising through social media allows local businesses the ability to market directly to their own target market.   Traditional forms of marketing do not guarantee that your target market will see your advertising.  This means that the majority of your marketing will be seen by consumers who have low interest in what your company has to offer.  This results in wasting large amounts of your marketing budget showing your advertising to an uninterested audience.  Sure you may build general awareness for your company, but it is not sufficient for increasing your sales and overall bottom line.  With social media marketing, you can show your products/services only to potential customers within your own defined, company-specific, target market.  This allows you to be better prepared to compete with larger companies.

Some may think that Facebook and other social media platforms are beginning to level off or maybe even decline.  However, that is the furthest from the truth.  Last month, Facebook announced that they just reached 2 billion active users.  These “active users” check their Facebook page at an average of 14 times throughout each day.  Where else can you advertise to people all over the world who look at something like Facebook over 14 times per day?

Never before has it been possible for businesses that have smaller marketing budgets to be able to compete with larger competitors in the way that social media advertising allows.  At Venture Creations we have been helping businesses harness the power of social media since 2009.  Since then we have continued to grow and adapt right with the changes in the way advertising through social media is done.  We look forward to coming alongside your business and helping you discover the power of social media advertising.


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