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Short (6-second) Facebook Video Ads are Coming.

By August 11, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Facebook Short Video Ads Woman

Video in the social media space is vital to business success. High quality visuals in general are a great asset for businesses – but being able to tell a story or relay an important message in a visual & audible way is the most important asset in today’s social media ecosystem. Video does not have to be highly produced. Genuine, behind the scenes, and LIVE video are extremely popular in the social space as well.

Now, take that powerful video message and show it to people who are genuinely interested in what product or service you are offering. One of the tricks in video advertising is knowing how to relay a message and how much time that video takes to relay the message. New ad tests are determining that for company lift & awareness, short action-packed video may be a great option! As Facebook rolls out this new type of mid-roll and pre-roll video ad type, consider utilizing it and measuring impact in the awareness phase.

Keep in mind that there is still a strong place for long “story-form” video on social media. However each new ad creative type that Facebook releases is worth testing.

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