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Top Ways to Utilize Facebook Audiences

By October 16, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media

Audiences are the gold of Facebook targeting. Audiences often allows advertisers to dial up the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and most effectively utilizes Facebook’s algorithms and data. I would like to share with you in list format some of the best ways to utilize Facebook Audiences. If you happen to have additional tips, share below!

  1. Email Upload – Utilize existing customer data and upload to a Custom Audience. Facebook takes those emails and matches to Facebook & Instagram profiles to build an audience.
    Pro tip: Expand your email audience to a Lookalike of Facebook users most similar to your email list!
  2. Page Engagement – Utilize people who engage with your Facebook/Instagram page or your page videos to build an Audience for retargeting. Harness the power of retention via gathering organic and paid engagers into an Audience for re-engaging with ads. Create Audiences for people who watch 25%+ and 75%+ of your video ad to only spend future ad dollars on those who matter.
    Pro tip: Expand your most engaged video watchers to a Lookalike Audience of Facebook users most similar to them.
  3. Website Purchasers – Gather customers who purchase on your Website into an audience – whether or not they purchased via Facebook/Instagram ads or they converted another way. Utilize Audience Exclusion in targeting Conversion Ads to prevent telling customers who just purchased to buy the same product/service.
    Pro tip: Target future purchasers who are most similar to recent customers by creating a Lookalike Audience of Facebook users most similar to them.
  4. Saved Audiences – Save yourself a bunch of time by remembering your audience targeting within your Audiences! If you have a group you are targeting multiple times or will create similar targeting from, utilize Saved Audiences to select that same target OR create a similar target from down the road.
    Pro tip: Saved Audiences works well with A/B targeting. Create 2 ad sets with a minor difference in targeting and do a budget split to see which target audience performs best!

As you can see, Audiences are the most powerful and effective way to utilize Facebook’s targeting & re-targeting to the MAX. If you would like a social media ad campaign strategy executed extremely effectively, contact Venture Creations today!
“We Make your Ads Convert”!

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