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“Tweetstorms” Are Now An Official Twitter Feature

By December 13, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Tweetstorm Twitter

As I have mentioned before, I love Twitter. It’s loud, chaotic, and entertaining. Twitter is designed for short bursts of information. It’s a great platform for sharing links to other content, (I primarily use it as a source of tech-related news) and making short statements.

Sometimes, though, whatever is happening calls for a long message. Since Twitter limits posts to 280 characters (previously it was 140), a trend developed by simply replying to the previous post and continuing your message. These threads affectionately became known as “Tweetstorms”. If nobody is joining the conversation while you storm away, they’re pretty easy to follow. However, add in some commentary or replies from other Twitter users, and you’ve got yourself a messy disaster.

Twitter has decided to officially support “threads” to make tweetstorms a little easier to follow. The feature will be rolling out slowly, allowing tweeters to storm away with fewer complications. And as David Pierce from Wired would like to remind you, “Always tweet responsibly.”


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