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Why Facebook is Better than LinkedIn for B2B Advertising

By January 20, 2017January 11th, 2021Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
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Disclaimer: LinkedIn is good for B2B advertising. Facebook is just better in a lot of ways. Allow me to highlight a few reasons outlined in the article. First, Facebook is the mastermind of connections & interests. Secondly, utilize Facebook’s much larger Audience and far more engaged users to broadcast ads effectively to your audience. Thirdly, there are more ad types to visually present your CTA (video, carousel image, content boost, canvas, etc). Fourthly, Facebook advertising is way cheaper, and choose how much you are willing to pay if desired. Fifthly, Facebook’s Algorithm is second to none so you will reach the right people at the best price. Finally, choose your placement – Facebook, Instagram, Partner Network – and specify which devices to show ads on – even choose what days & times to display ads.

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