3 Tips to Create Content and Social Media Marketing That Sells

3 Tips to Create Content and Social Media Marketing That Sells

Business has always been ultimately about the bottom line and increasing ROI with the goal of connecting marketing team to the sales team.  In the past, traditional marketing techniques were beneficial because people spent their time listening to radio ads, reading all their mail, and being forced to sit through a TV commercial break.  Each of these outlets provided great value in advertising because you were confident that people would become aware of your business.  Over the last decade or so, traditional marketing has lagged behind some of the innovative marketing techniques that are out there today.

This is due to the fact that consumers now have the option to simply skip through radio ads or listen to their own music without advertisements.  In the same way, consumers are programmed to simply throw away mail that is not a personal letter or a bill that they have to pay.  The development of streaming has drastically lowered the number of people who watch TV shows. As the culture continues to move more towards digital dependency it is important that businesses transition with the culture.

Before I go any further I need to express the fact that Social Media Advertising is not banner ads.  It is, however, posts that show up in your newsfeed that appear as posts just like when you see your friends posts and pictures.

1. Social Media Targeting

Simply posting content on your company’s Facebook page is not sufficient to capitalizing on the benefits of social media marketing. Organic reach is down to less than 5% of all of the people who “like” your page due to the lack of space on Facebook news feeds.  Using paid content to target specifically to your target market is a fantastic way to reach a new audience who is in your target market.  Since businesses are only paying to reach their specific target market, thousands and thousands of dollars are being saved as a result.  It is possible to target based on a variety of demographics.  That will narrow your reach to only people who are in your location, can afford your product or service, and most importantly are interested in you business.

2.  Link Sales Directly to Marketing

The relationship between the marketing and sales teams should be like an assembly line where the goal is to maximize return on investment.  This should be accomplished by establishing “good leads” from the marketing efforts that can then be given to the sales team to close.  Social Media Advertising allows the marketing team to see exactly how advertisements are performing.  Not only that, but they can also produce “hot leads”.  These are a result of their targeted marketing efforts that then can be given to the sales team to close.  The days of having to give an educated guess of calculating businesses Return-on-Ad-Spend (ROAS) is over.

3. Retargeting Capabilities

It is common knowledge that consumers generally do not pull the trigger on the first time they view an advertisement.  If it is common knowledge, marketers should consider how difficult it is to retarget via traditional marketing techniques. When a potential customer sees your businesses advertisement on TV, radio or on a billboard it is virtually impossible to harness that engagement.  Retargeting is not possible based on how they interacted.  Social Media Advertising creates the ability to retarget to potential customers that engaged with your advertising.  We then will send them a more targeted ad with more information and a call-to-action.

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