Online Advertising

Digital Advertising is our specialty! We offer start to finish ad creation
and management on all major social media platforms.

Online Advertising

Social Media Advertising is our specialty! We offer start to finish ad creation and management on all major social media platforms.

Our Advertising Platforms


Our Advertising Platforms



Instagram was launched in 2010 and was made specifically to be a photo and video sharing platform. Instagram has 2.35 billion active users. The age demographic for Instagram is a little younger than Facebook but with such a large active user base, there are plenty of people to sell your product or service to in all demographics. Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 which means the same advanced targeting in Facebook is also available in Instagram.

- Very popular platform with slightly younger demographics
- Offers the same advanced targeting as Facebook
- Run Instagram and Facebook Ads in the same campaign

Google Search

Google is the most popular and most powerful search engine. There are an estimated 8.5 billion Google searches per day. Google offers a variety of advertising options that include search, display, and shopping. Target specific keywords and/or audience segments with effective ads. Google shopping ads are super effective when people are searching for a specific products.

- Most used search engine
- Powerful keyword and audience targeting options
- Includes search ads, shopping ads, and display ads


YouTube has completely taken over videos on the internet. It has a very large user base that is around 2.5 billion people. The age demographic is very broad. Part of what gives YouTube such a diverse user base is the is that YouTube has content for everyone! Consumers can find DIY videos, music, influencer content, and so much more! YouTube offers a unique opportunity to target consumers with demonstrated interests with many ad placements/formats.

- Large, diverse user base
- Powerful targeting
- 15 second not skipable or long form skipable ads


TikTok has totally changed the social media landscape. Short form video became extremely popular on TikTok first. It was launched in 2016 and has become very popular with over 1 billion active users. Tik Tok has also become a very viable advertising platform that offers many of the same targeting features as Facebook.  The plaform is exclusively video and having a less professional look is most effective. TikTok users span a large demographic.

- One of the fastest growing recent social platforms
- Ability to use regular ads and influence ads
- Greater reach through a powerful algorithm for viral content


LinkedIn is the go to social platform for everything business related. It is a great platform to advertise B2B products, open positions, investment opportunites, B2C products, and more. LinkedIn offers many of the same targeting and ad objective features as Facebook and Instagram. It has a more professional feel and is great for networking.

- Widely used platform for businesses and employees
- Great for recruitment, B2B sales, and direct to consumer sales
- Offers many advanced ad features



Microsoft Ads is another great place to run search ads. Microsoft's Bing is very popular with users 25-35 and gets around 900 million searches per day. Microsoft offers many advanced search ads features similar to Google. With Microsoft you can target certain keywords or demographics to show your ads to the right people.

- PPC (Pay Per Click) search advertising similar to Google
- Network of widely used seach engines including Bing
- Powerful keyword and audience targeting options

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