Ask the Right Questions ($)

Ask the Right Questions ($)

How much is this going to cost me?  In the world of advertising, we hear this question almost every time we pitch a new client and for good reason.  Advertisers have gone through many years where they felt like they were in essence, simply throwing money down the drain in an effort to drive sales.  Whether it was TV, Mail, Billboard, Radio, or other forms of traditional marketing, they could not see the real return on their advertising budgets.

The question advertisers need to start asking is “How much am I going to see in return?”  Advertisers much like ourselves at Venture Creations need to answer this question in a way that is

  1. Honest: To the best of their ability (Nobody likes snake-oil salesmen)
  2. Transparent: Showing you exactly what costs and ad spend will be
  3. Comparable: Showing you real data of how previous campaigns performed
  4. And Finally, the way that is going to provide the most value to your company!  At the end of the day, we want to see your company succeed!

At Venture Creations we structure our business in a way that puts the client’s interests ahead of our own.  We do this by being transparent in everything we do.  The Importance of a Transparent Ad Agency is that whenever you spend money with us, we will tell you and show you exactly where it is going.

Start asking the questions that put your company first.

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