Facebook Ads on Zillow for Real Estate Agents

Facebook Ads on Zillow for Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent, advertising your listings has just become easier. Facebook recently rolled out a new advertising tool in collaboration with Zillow that allows real estate agents to easily advertise their listings on the #1 social platform in the world. This feature is available to Zillow’s “Premium Agents” – Facebook Ads on Zillow made easy.

This is a game changer for the industry because it is content that Facebook’s is convinced it’s users want to see. And, if they believe that, there is no doubt their data shows that to be true.

I am quite curious of the comprehensive nature of these ads, and I guess that will remain to be seen; to what level of execution are the ads being delivered? Is there really value to an individual agent in what I assume is, in fact a more basic ad set up? Again, TBD!

How does this relate to you? What other areas do you think Facebook is focused on creating partnerships? Hotels.com? Trip Adviser? Cars.com? These are definitely opportunities to be on the look out for.


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