Facebook – an Unparalleled Advertising Medium

Facebook – an Unparalleled Advertising Medium

Allow me to humor you with an article made completely up from quotes – to prove that Facebook is the best current advertising medium and brands are ‘forced’ to be there or miss out. Business Insider’s article by Tanya Dua, “Why the advertising industry believes that Facebook is invincible,” states beautifully why social media is the both lucrative and essential for businesses in today’s advertising landscape.

“In essence, Facebook’s business is nearly invincible.” “They have managed to build a remarkably effective advertising engine, and it is difficult for any marketer to cut that off from their marketing mix.” “Even with all the negativity swirling around Facebook,” “its business remains unscathed.” “And even the ones [businesses] that are concerned are not changing where they allocate their ad budgets.” “You just can’t shut Facebook off without doing any damage to your brand.”

“Its unparalleled scale and reach have been huge draws for marketers of all sizes.” “It’s not hard to see why. With its 2 billion users, Facebook has a huge audience” [and] “is really good at hypertargeting.” “The reason advertisers are not pulling dollars out is that they are finding efficiency and scale in Facebook advertising.” “Ultimately, there is just no better alternative to Facebook.” “Most marketers are looking at the closed loop data — they know exactly how much Facebook is driving in terms of actual sales.”

Boom. Now tell me you don’t want to advertise on social media because of _____________!

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