Facebook Launches New Ad Features

Facebook Launches New Ad Features

As you may have noticed over the last couple of months, and more significantly, over the past couple of weeks, Facebook has been rolling out new features and modification to the Ad platform. This week Facebook launches new ad features in a trifecta that could be big for many advertisers. Be sure to check out this thorough article that explains all details of the features but in short, here they are and what the biggest impact I believe will be:

  1. Split Testing – this is just like A/B testing but instead of running A/B tests manually we can now ask Facebook to do it for us. To me the biggest impact will be for conversion ads. This feature is currently available for some ad types.


  1. LTV – The addition of Lifetime Value of a conversion/customer will allow within a custom audience measure the value of a new customer when running Look-a-Like campaigns. This is an important metric, but vital in some industries like retail shopping and especially service industries.


  1. Full Screen Canvas Experience – Canvas ads are a mobile ad placement feature that allows for more creativity and a more user friendly experience for your target – some would say canvas ads are, “a mini website built right on Facebook and served as an ad.” Full Screen provides templates to build your canvas ads from which is a great asset to smaller agencies or companies who do not have a designer on staff.


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