Facebook Video – Make it Long… and Short.

Facebook Video – Make it Long… and Short.

“Make up your mind” is what you are thinking. You are right. Facebook is changing quickly and marketers & businesses should adapt just as quickly as the platforms. There are 4 main facets to consider when posting your next video.

Firstly, keep video engaging – from the get-go! Facebook’s mobile app has an entire tab devoted to video and video has become the new content standard. With the influx of video in the space, it becomes even more vital to stand out from the crowd and get people to watch your video past the first second or two. We have a phrase coined at Venture Creations to create “thumb-stopping” content.

Secondly, keep video mobile-optimized. Think about how your next video will show on a mobile phone – where a large percentage of videos are viewed. Optimize for a small screen experience by shooting closer-up footage than typical for a larger desktop or TV screen. Highlight the features, not the scenes.

Thirdly, make video long. This refers to organic & (sometimes) sponsored video content. Facebook has been rolling out short in-stream video ads and is ranking long videos – over 90 seconds – that are watched all the way through, as having newsfeed preference. A user who watches over 90 seconds of any video could define that content as engaging. So, make long videos, of which a bulk of that long-form video can be shot LIVE.

Fourthly, make video short.  I know, this contradicts point number four. It also compliments point number four. This refers to (primarily) advertised video content. Facebook needs to find additional advertising placement to continue to expand their advertiser placement space. The company has recently released in-video ads that are between 5-15 seconds. As advertisers, capitalizing on that short space to only your target customer/client persona with a video ad is effective.

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