Mobile Video Advertising on the Climb

Mobile Video Advertising on the Climb

According to a recent industry report by Zenith, video advertising is expected to grow by 21% a year between 2016 and 2019, and social media will increase by 20% during that period. As more advertising shifts online, more of the cash is being channeled into online video and social media which is consumed decidedly on mobile. Overall, the Internet will account for 42.2% of global ad spending by 2019.

Over the same three-year time period, Television, Desktop Internet, Newspapers, Outdoor, Radio, and Magazines will all see declines in their share of the advertising pie.

Advertising works when you put your message “where the eyes are”. It doesn’t take rocket science to confirm where this is happening. Everywhere you look throughout the day, people are on their mobile devices – connecting, learning, searching, planning and buying. It makes sense that the ad money is going to follow.

Social media provides an affordable, measure and scalable ad platform that delivers ads in a native format that is less interruptive – and actually welcomed if your message is engaging and provides the consumer a quality experience.

As a marketer, how much of your annual marketing budget is allocated to mobile video? Do you have a proven path of success in this area, or are you under the gun to provide real answers?

We would love the opportunity to speak with you about real solutions that increase qualified leads or sales, and provide a measurable return on ad spend.


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