Socially Optimized Video is King!

Socially Optimized Video is King!

Socially optimized video is now more important than ever!

Chances are if you are a frequent social media user you have noticed that the percentage of videos showing up has increased dramatically. On Facebook, social users now consume more than 100 million hours of video per day! The takeaway for brands/businesses? Consumers want to view content in a moving form, rather than the traditional still image. According to Sprout Social, viewership of videos uploaded to the Facebook is up to 8 billion views a day.

These stats show the potential that businesses have to reach their target market. Video is not going away anytime soon, and businesses would do well to take that into consideration when planning budgets and creating content calendars.

All video is not created equal though. Just because you have a video, does not mean that by default it will help your digital image. These days it is fairly easy to capture good video with smart phones. Consumers are aware of this, and no longer want to watch grainy, pixelated video that was considered acceptable only 5 years ago. So putting out a low quality video can lower your brand image in the eyes of the consumer. Before posting a video, make sure that you consider what affect it will have on you brand and if it will be successful in ad form.

Plan Your Production!

Producing socially optimized video is a process that begins before a camera is even turned on. Social videos need to be dramatically shorter than most marketers think. This is due to the fact that video ad attention has decreased so much. In fact, video ad attention is 75% less for ages 18–24 than 65+! This means that ideal video length for social platforms is 15-30 seconds. Some longer videos are ok. However, most videos should be under 60 seconds to fit into the maximum length for social ad placements.

We at Venture Creations have a ton of experience producing and directing videos for social. Our process includes fine tuning videos to ensure that they are more likely to perform well in a social ad setting. We understand that social ads do not usually perform well by accident. It takes experience and determination to get good results. If you have questions about socially optimized video, please contact us!

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