Why Your Sales Strategy Needs to Become a Social-Media Strategy, Immediately

Why Your Sales Strategy Needs to Become a Social-Media Strategy, Immediately

In the recent weeks, Facebook has announced that they have reached over 2 billion active monthly users on their platform. As the world continues to become more connected through social media, it is important that your sales strategy also becomes a social media strategy. Have you ever thought of how your social media presence can connect with your bottom line?  Social Media Advertising allows businesses to track exactly how their advertising is performing and also allows for lead generation.  Once leads are generated, businesses will then have potential customer information such as phone and email for their sales-team to close the sale.  The article attached speaks about four reason why social media needs to be your sales strategy

Social Media needs to be where you learn about your customers 

Let’s say you are a company who sells RVs and decides to put up a billboard with the hope that it will create awareness.  You may accomplish your goal from a general awareness standpoint, but that is it.  You will not be able to collect data on who engaged with your billboard or who simply just ignored it.  Social Media allows you to connect directly with your target market and collect data from those who engaged with your first advertisement.  Once you have the data of who engaged in your social media advertising you can then tailor an advertisement directly to each potential customers needs.  This process allows you to learn more about your customers in a way never before been made available.

Buyers prefer to work with salespeople who have a social presence 

Continuing with the RV example, before a potential customer comes to the dealership, they want to make sure that they are going to a dealership that either has good reviews, friendly salespeople, or a history of good customer service.  With a number of dealerships around town, they are not going to spend their time going to a place that has poor reviews and a minimal presence on social media.  Having a solid social media presence is essential to see the true effects of your advertising efforts on social media.

Buyers care more about trust than price 

Similar to the previous paragraph, potential customers who engage with your social media advertising want to make sure that you actually care about them as a potential customer.  According to a LinkedIn study that can be found in the article, 39% of respondents said that the most important factor to closing the sale is building a relationship based on trust.  Obviously, price matters to a certain point, but it is vital to building trust with your potential customers after viewing your social media advertising.

Social Media allows for transparency which increases sales

If you are a business wondering how in the world your social media presence translates to sales you are not alone.  Thousands of businesses are not harnessing the capabilities that social media allows from a business perspective.  If you are interested in hearing more about how social media advertising can connect directly to your sales, feel free to read other blogs under the social media category or reach out to us at Venture Creations.

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