Instagram Releases Location and Hashtag Stories

Instagram Releases Location and Hashtag Stories

You’re right. It feels like every week Instagram is releasing new features to its app. The latest release focuses on additional ways to draw in SnapChat users and engage current Instagram users.

Side note. The Instagram user base has been increasing dramatically because of many factors, including: SnapChat-like features pull in new users to a platform with a much higher user base, Facebook’s ability to cross-promote its own user base, older age adaptation, and general social media progression.

The first of Instagram’s two new features is location-based stories. When under the Explore tab, available location-based IG stories will appear in the second-to-left top position. This opens the door further to location-based content tailoring, retail shopping suggestions, and much more.

The second of Instagram’s two new features is hashtag-sorted stories. When posting a new Instagram story, utilize a common hashtag to allow greater visibility on the Instagram network. Greater story visibility is gained by allowing users to search hashtags and view associated IG stories.

Go ahead, try these new features and see if your Instagram Story views increase!

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