LinkedIn Releases Retargeting & Audiences

LinkedIn Releases Retargeting & Audiences

Your best advertising is as good as ______________? Fill in the blank in your mind before you keep reading.

My argument is that one’s best advertising is as good as combined Targeting, Retargeting, and Measurability. Sure it is three – but they all go hand in hand. LinkedIn just released a few new tools that take the platform miles further in terms of their advertising capabilities! LinkedIn has historically been a great platform to advertise on – only if it was known what industry, job role, type of company, etc a potential client was located at.

Now Targeting goes farther via Matched Audiences. An advertiser can specify individual prospects, lookalike prospects (stealing Facebook’s term), or the right person at a target company.

Now Retargeting goes farther with website pixel tracking & integration. Similar to the other social platforms, an advertiser unlocks the ability to retarget website traffic on social media.

Now Measurability goes farther by being able to view & measure conversions. The ability to link with Marketing Automation software via API also unlocks potential for congruency between LinkedIn and other advertising efforts.

Give it a go, or let the advertising experts at Venture Creations help you get started & build out the sales funnel on LinkedIn!

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