Social Advertising

The way to stay competitive!


Our focus is exclusively on Social Advertising. We modify creative provided by you or created by us and create compelling ads which are then strategically distributed throughout the consumer’s journey. These ads nurture your prospects and build loyalty with current customers on an individualized basis.

Whether your goal is to:

  • Make people aware of your brand
  • Provide product choices to consider
  • Convert customers and build loyalty
  • All of the above

We will help you captivate your most targeted audience to achieve measurable results in line with your goals.

Sales Funnel


  • Advertise to prequalified potential customers on Facebook & Instagram
  • Medium: Video – creative that moves
  • Qualifiers: Geographic, Demographic, Financial, Age/Gender, Industry, Job Title, Behavior & Interest
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Sales Funnel


  • Retargeting ads to further engage prospects and decipher intent
  • Medium: Carousel and Canvas Newsfeed ads
  • Qualifiers:  Awareness Ad viewers, Home page traffic, Page Engagement
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Sales Funnel


  • Retargeting to gather lead information or sell product
  • Medium: Single Image, 6-second Video, or Lead Generation Newsfeed Ads
  • Qualifiers: Engagement with Consideration ads or hit key website pages
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